About us

About us


Burkay Textile, which has a commercial history of 116 years and currently managed by the third generations of the family in the textile sector established by the Burkay family in 1952 in Bursa. After the year of 2000, Burkay Textile went to restructuring to be the part of the global changes in the world by taking important decisions.

As a result, the company operates in production facilities equipped with the newest technological requirements of the sector and put the remarkable steps of investment on creating a comprehensive R&D department, a design center that determines fashion and trends in its sector as well as marketing project center.

Accordingly, with the R&D department and the design center Burkay Textile prepares four main collections each year and offers it to the customers' appreciation. The collections are prepared according to the different tastes and diverse collection needs of each market in many countries by working with design offices and independent designers from different countries.

With the wide and effective marketing strategies, the creations in advanced quality service reaches to the consumers in 50 different countries and 10-15 thousand sales points thru our valuable partners which are the most known and famous brands in their markets and world-wide.

Burkay Textile will continue to determine the fashion and trends in home textile sector with its unique creations made by its experienced R&D department and design center by sharing the inspirations.
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